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Enriching Our Community
Why a Community Center

Boring and its surrounding area occupy a unique place in Oregon. Located between the heavily urban Portland metro area and beautiful rural Clackamas County, it acts as a transition between two ways of life. And yet, Boring itself has a character all of its own. We have a tremendous independent streak, work ethic, and greatly value our neighbors, coming together in times of need.

By establishing a community center in the Boring area, we hope to enhance the community’s ability to function. We envision a community center that embodies three main purposes:
  • A place to gather
    • There are so many reasons to gather, including having a large party, putting on a performance, or holding a meeting
    • Our community center will have a meeting space capable of holding up to 250 people
  • A place to learn
    • There are many things to learn in this life and many people in our community who can teach
    • Our community center will have space available for classes
    • It will serve as a hub of information for what is happening in our community
  • A place to serve
    • We are fortunate to have so many people caring for each other in Boring
    • Our community center will be a place where those who can help can be connected with those who are in need
A place to gather, learn, and serve gives our community a center to accomplish these purposes.

Locally Driven
We desire our community center to be funded and run by the local community. In order for our community center to have a long-term impact, it will need broad support from the local community. While we know some outside expertise is necessary, without people like you supporting us, our dream cannot become reality.

We invite you to join with us to establish our community center.
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